Ecological farm

We have been running ecological farm since 2005. From the begging of our activity we have been trying to make everything in harmony with nature. Thanks to ecological production we can guarantee that our products are free of agrochemicals. Taking care of the best quality of ecological products we are introducing latest agrotechnical systems. Our modern machines helps us to keep the cultivation process flexible, which allows us to fulfill any individual order.

We have fulfilled orders in Poland as well as in the European Union (Germany, Austria, Italy).

Limousine cattle

Limousine cattle, a French breed of beef, is very popular all around world due to the culinary properties.
Nowadays in Poland Limousine cattle is the largest meat beef breed. Our cows are spending spring, summer and autumn on pasture. In near future cattle will also be on an open space during winter. Spending time on pasture, not in a closed area, has an impact on quality of meat.

Presence of cattle is direct source of fertilizer thus we can provide ecological plant cultivation.