Household history

In 2001 Małgorzata i Grzegorz Bartosiewicz took over lands of agricultural household in Jawory. From that moment they took any steps to run an ecological farm. They made it in 2005.

At the beginning they were taking up cultivation of grains, such as wheat, spelt, emmer, rye or oat. Later, with gained experience, they started to cultivate more demanding plants like buckwheat, lupine, bird’s-foot, white and red clover.

Małgorzata i Grzegorz Bartosiewicz have been carrying on animal breeding and production of ecological feed since 2009.

 After graduation from Gdansk University of Technology their son Jim Bartosiewicz and his wife Anna (major: Biotechnology, specialization: Technology, Biotechnology and Food Analysis) joined as hosts. Nowadays household is still developing. From grains grown on our farm we are producing gluten-free buckwheat groats and cold-pressed rapeseed and linseed oils. In the near future we are planning to expand the range of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan products.

We invite You to cooperation

We are open to cooperate. We own 200 hectares of arable lands and 170 hectares of grasslands. We have fulfilled contracts with Polish and foreign clients yet. Besides Polish market our products go also to German, Austrian and Italian market.

We cooporate with Koszalin University of Technology in order to improve the quality of cultivation and with Gdansk University of Technology in the range of introducing new technologies in food industry. Moreover we are member of a group of agricultural producers Wołowina Pomorska and Ecological Agricultural Producers Association “Bio-Idea”.

We want to cooperate with individual clients but also with companies. We are eager to try cultivation of another grains and to test newest agricultural or food technologies.